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ISG 2015-2016 courses and lectures:

1. Selected Topics in Information Security (Ecole Centrale de Paris)

2. Scientific Computing / Informatique scientifique (ENS Paris)

3. Systèmes numérique de l'algorithme aux circuits (ENS Paris)

4. Introduction to Modern C++ (U. Paris I)

5. An Introduction to Cryptography and Cryptanalysis (U. Paris XIII)

6. Mathematics and Statistics L1 (U. Paris II)

7. Financial Information Systems (U. Paris II)

8. Information Security (U. Luxembourg)

ISG 2016-2017 courses:

Introduction to Information Security

Lecture 1: Access control & os security Lecture 5: Finding and avoiding exploits
Lecture 2: Linux and Windows security Lecture 6: Secure tokens & their physical attacks
Lecture 3: Mobile code and sandboxing Lecture 7: Web application security
Lecture 4: Android and ios security Lecture 8: tcp, dns, and routing security
+ non mandatory visit to the Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés

Selected Topics in Information Security

Lecture 1: api security, pitfalls and models Lecture 5: tempest and emissions security
Lecture 2: Biometrics (1h30), Botnets (1h30) Lecture 6: Industrial security standards
Lecture 3: Let’s write a computer virus Lecture 7: An introduction to it forensics
Lecture 4: Obfuscation & reverse-engineering Lecture 8: Intrusion detection, vpns and firewalls
+ non mandatory visit to the Institut de recherche criminelle de la gendarmerie nationale it Lab

Theoretical Aspects of Information Security

Lecture 1: Trust models & reasoning about trust Lecture 5: Statistical methods for attack detection
Lecture 2: Formal security models Lecture 6: Bytecode verification & type inference
Lecture 3: Impossibility results in security Lecture 7: Computer viruses: Theoretical aspects
Lecture 4: Community structures and security Lecture 8: When game theory meets security
+ non mandatory visit to the Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d'information