A note for prospective students: I have numerous opportunities to fund PhDs in information security for good candidates having excellent conceptual skills and excellent hacking skills. If interested, drop me an email with a CV and MSc marks, plus code and/or an MSc thesis reports demonstrating your typical capabilities and creations. We also have a stock of ideas and attacks that we wish to implement as MSc topics or as research collaborations. This is usually a good way to know you and later get you admitted as a PhD student. If interested and if you are really ready to devote time, contact me. 

My current topics of interest for prospective PhDs are Genode and Feralcore but I am open to investigate any other coherent target-rich topic.

Reasons to join our group as a PhD student:

  1. A varied scientific coverage: code, maths, statistics, electronics, algorithms etc all these are applied to solve, research (and create) security problems.
  2. Excellent connections with industry which are very likely to get you a permanent position in major industrial laboratories while preparing your PhD or allow me to find you consulting assignments.
  3. A very stimulating work environment. Click here for more information.
  4. An Erdös number = 3.

I do not take any new PhD students in cryptology (beyond the few legacy students currently finishing their PhD in cryptology). Prospective cryptology PhD candidates may contact the ENS' Cryptography Group.